Improve the education of the children to improve the community

Posted on May 19, 2014

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass

Invited by David Boateng Darko, the Proprietor of The Lisa Darwood International Community School, under the leadership of Diane Littles, MBA a team of professionals from the United States in education, technology, training, and community development are planning and will implement the training of 50 teachers and 10 administrators in Akosombo, Ghana. Our Montessori Early Childhood Education expert, Monica Pringle, MS in Education has New York State (USA) Permanent Teacher Certifications and is American Montessori Society and National Center for Montessori Education Life Member until 2099. She has operated Montessori Child Care Centers from 1976 – 1995 and 2013 to present, and American Montessori School from 1985 – 1995.

This August, in response to the need for capacity building, sustainability and growth, the Professional Educational Development Exchange (PEDE) Project in Akosombo Ghana is a joint venture project within the Educational Professional Network (EPN) a project within Clairvoyance, LLC, Founder/CEO, Ashley Littles and RICA Diaspora, LLC in partnership with The St. Albans Montessori Day Care Center.

Education Professional Network (EPN) is an organization of education professionals dedicated to invigorating the educational environment in which they are responsible for developing the minds of the youth in order to ensure proper guidance and preparation on the road to adulthood. In order to ensure this mission is properly implemented, EPN members continuously strive to be proficient in their field by participating in EPN mandated coaching and training, and brainstorming sessions.

For 10 days the teachers and administrators in Akosombo, Ghana will be trained in early childhood education focused on the Montessori educational pedagogy and model; technology training in basic Microsoft Word software; CPR/Pediatric First Aid Training; and teaching techniques to actively engage students in their own learning.
To continue to strengthen the skills of the administrators and educators, EPN-PEDE Joint Venture will coordinate with Mr. Boateng Darko Lisa Darwood International Community School and his team monthly virtual sessions following the 10 day training.

Project Mission
PEDE Project’s mission is capacity building for the teachers and educational administrators in the African Diaspora.

Project Vision
Improve the education of the children to improve the community.